Dog Urine and Steel Don’t Get Along

Dog Urine and Steel Don’t Get Along Featured Image

Manufacturer: Striem

Plumbing Contractor: Reading Plumbing Systems, Inc.

Owner: Veterinary Clinic in Altamonte Springs, FL

Plumbing code typically requires a solids interceptor at animal hospitals, pet boarding facilities, and pet grooming facilities to collect pet hair and other debris. Solids interceptors used for this application are commonly referred to as hair traps. The installation of a hair trap aids in two areas:

  1. It prevents hair buildup in fixture p-traps or downstream piping, which causes plumbing backups.
  2. It provides an easy source to maintain hair buildup in the plumbing system.

Steel hair traps corrode when they come in contact with acidic substances, such as animal urine. Polyethylene hair traps do not.

Striem was contacted by a plumber from Florida by the name of Kevin. Kevin was on the hunt for a hair trap to replace a steel unit at a veterinary kennel that had failed. He needed a unit that would not break down, and something he could get quick – as the kennel could not afford too much downtime. Striem was able to ship a lifetime-guaranteed hair trap in (3) days.


Existing steel unit needing replacement:


Striem solids interceptor installation: