Our Story

Plumbing is more fun.

A note from two brothers who love making plumbing products.

We formed Striem in 2015 with one idea in mind: dealing with a manufacturer should be like a breath of fresh air. That’s why we implemented a simple formula: build quality products, ship them on time, and provide damn good customer service. We hope you enjoy working with us.

Gabe Ismert & Vince Ismert


How it started

In 2014, one of the owners of Schier Products (who is also our brother) pitched us the idea of purchasing their Oil Separator, Solids Interceptor, and Chemical Waste Tank product lines.

At the time, Vince was in finance and Gabe was running his own lawn care equipment rental business and we thought, plumbing seems more fun. So, in 2015, we formed Striem.

Then we hired a couple of people

We carved out a corner of Schier’s office and told our customers that we had a phone number. Luckily, it started ringing.

We hired a few people to help out and convinced them that working in close quarters was normal.

Striem HQ

After two years of asking questions at Schier, it was time to figure out how to manufacture products on our own.

In 2017, we moved into our own factory, hired some more people, and got to work.

Dealing with us should be like a breath of fresh air.

Meet the team

We’re happy to help!

Call us if you need pricing. Call us if you need technical product information. Definitely call us if you want to talk baseball.

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