Project Spotlight – Montgomery County Mixed Use

Project Spotlight – Montgomery County Mixed Use Featured Image
  • Project: Montgomery County Mixed Use – Montgomery County, MD
  • Application: Parking Garage
  • Product: OS-1600-WSSC
  • Lead Time: 15 business days
  • Rep | Regional: Virginia Maryland Associates | Daniel Kovac

Background: Striem had the first WSSC-specific oil separator purchased and installed in Q1/Q2 of 2022. The jobsite was in Montgomery County, MD, and the project was a mixed-use application with (3) stories of underground parking. The contractor installed the oil separator and fiberglass lift station in a concrete vault and backfilled. The mat slab foundation was almost 4′ thick.

Key Takeaways:

  • This was a huge win for the DC/Baltimore area where concrete has a stronghold on the market. Striem worked diligently with WSSC to get approved, and the market-specific product launched.
  • The unit was specified by a Striem engineer supporter outside of the territory (Omaha, NE). By having the market-specific product on our website, it turned into our first spec and WSSC win for the territory.
  • The contractor loved the installation. Striem gave top-notch support on multiple installation questions that came from WSSC inspectors.
  • We learned of some freight issues with our 1500 and 2000 shells, which led us to change our freight process for larger tanks to accommodate contractors.

Photos below: Unit shipping and installation